Children in Somalia are faced with myriad of challenges that are as a result of the never-ending conflict and instability that has led to weak governance systems that is affecting the provision of basic services like education.  Not only is it unsafe to go to school but when an opportunity arises, there is no guarantee of quality. This is even worse among children living in displacement camps that are many a times crowded and undeserved.

In partnership with Diakonie Katasptrohenhilfe (DKH), CPD is implementing an education project targeting to improve the quality of services provided in 10 schools in the IDP camps in Galkayo South. This was achieved through taking the 30 head teachers and teachers from the 10 schools as well as the Community Education Committee members who help to provide oversight to the schools through trainings between 21st July – 4th August 2023 and refresher trainings thereafter between 19th – 29th July 2023 based on their needs.

The teacher training enhanced their skills in pedagogy and inclusion, curriculum and planning, child protection and well-being as well as teacher role and well-being.

Seventy community education committee (CEC) members were trained on school management, advocacy skills to encourage parents to send their children to school as well as on child protection, hygiene promotion as well as conflict resolution and management. These skills are critical in ensuring they provide the relevant support to the schools. Together, the teaching and non-teacher staff gained skills that enable them to provide quality teaching and management skills for quality outcomes in learning.