Humanitarian Coordination

In the humanitarian circles, you often hear the phrase “coordination save lives”. One can only appreciate the true meaning and weight of this phrase when in a humanitarian crisis that needs rapid multi-agency responses.

CPD plays an integral role in the humanitarian coordination activities, often in support of UNOcha. From being a member of the Somalia Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) to leading in the cluster coordination systems for sectors such as WASH, Food Security, Shelter, Health and Nutrition at National, Regional and District levels, we shape the country’s humanitarian structure.

Our humanitarian coordination efforts contribute to the strategic decisions and determinations on the country’s humanitarian needs, total People in Need (PIN), area prioritization for interventions, contingency planning, and funds allocations by sectors and regions. We also take part in the preparation of the country’s Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and the yearly Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) which are the cornerstone for the humanitarian architecture of the country.

Our membership to the National WASH Cluster’s Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) gives us the opportunity to support the cluster in the development of its national strategy, objectives and indicators for the planned responses.

More specifically, at the field level, we coordinate the humanitarian responses by our peer organizations through identification of gaps, information exchange, avoidance of any overlaps and facilitate the complementary of multiple responses in order to maximize the optimal use of the scarce resources.

Our field coordination role also entails facilitating the partners’ adherence to the core humanitarian standards and other guidelines such as the SPHERE.

In a nutshell, our participation in the country’s humanitarian coordination seeks to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian response by ensuring greater predictability, accountability and partnership.