Promotion of good governance for stabilization of Somalia.

CPD recognizes the need to encourage leadership based on ideas, vision, values and ethics. The expected results will be: improved leadership, capacity of society and influence in development processes in Somalia. Leadership is at the centre of rebuilding the country.

Indeed, leadership is the foundation of every successful democracy. CPD is championing quality of leadership and the need for such leadership to be based on values, broad and inclusive participation and ethics.

CPD works at emphasizing the inclusion of women and the youth to support its contribution in democratic development in the country. It thus – in addition to nurturing youth and women leadership – seeks to contribute to the process of implementing good governance for Somalia.

We are currently implementing key governance projects in Galmudug State’s Hobyo and Dhusamareeb districts. The project in Hobyo has seen local communities come together and reconcile ahead of the expected district council formation exercise. Previous projects implemented in Hobyo strengthened the district administration and opened up the ancient coastal city in Mudug region.


Promotion of social enterprise approach to empower communities

CPD works to develop and initiate the capacity to design, resource and implement social enterprise initiatives that will see the involvement of the organization in the fast expanding social entrepreneurship model of meeting community needs from a socially conscience business approach.

This program aims at encouraging capital formation at community level by promoting the small scale business enterprises. Strategies used include building the capacity to initiate and manage enterprises and extending soft loans or revolving funds to help the poor access alternative resources.

This initiative is based on the need to support economic empowerment for women, youth, minority groups and rural communities caught in poverty traps who have missed out on formal education and who have been the targets of destabilizing forces, the disabled and also those living on the socio fringes and have little or no avenues to improve their livelihoods.

One such program CPD is implementing is the Economic Development and livelihoods project in Dhusamareeb which is being implemented in partnership with the Somalia Stability Fund and the government. The project intends to creative opportunities and impetus that will add value to the lives of beneficiary communities.