Dialogue was an essential part of CPD addressing the conflicts in South Mudug in 2019/2020 between two communities that have had deep-seated historical clashes and mistrust. With the support of the Galmudug State government, Puntland State government and funding from the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF), we created opportunities for the divided groups to come together, discuss the issues affecting them and develop solutions. We were able to connect divided groups who would not normally meet – providing a safe space for them to air their views and communicate with each other. We used gender as a lens to understand the deeper causes and impact of the conflict and the opportunities for peace. We reached out to those often on the sidelines, including women, youth, displaced people and indigenous communities and enabled these groups to lead and participate in the initiatives to build peace. This well-crafted dialogue helped us build trust and relationship, broke down barriers and helped in dispelling negative perceptions of the two groups against each other.