CPD sets up a subsidiary medical supply organization in Somalia.

CPD has set up MEDIFY SOLUTIONS, a subsidiary medical supply organization in Somalia.

MEDIFY SOLUTIONS is the first and only specialized medical supply chain organization in Somalia serving the public health sector with quality, affordable and reliable essential medical products.

MEDIFY SOLUTIONS aims to fix the broken public medical supply chain system in Somalia following the long-drawn civil war.

On 12th April 2019, MEDIFY SOLUTIONS signed a Partnership Agreement with Mission for Essentials Drugs and Supplies (MEDS- www.meds.org.ke). MEDS is a Kenyan-based medical supply organization and a Humanitarian Procurement Centre with accreditation from ISO, ECHO, USAID and WHO. Mr. Mohamed Yarrow, the acting Executive Director of MEDIFY SOLUTIONS and Dr. Jane Masiga, the Managing Director of MEDS have penned the agreement at MEDS’ Nairobi office in the presence of other senior staff from the two organizations. The partnership is grounded on the shared mission and values of the two organizations of increasing access to quality essential medicines in the region.

Through this agreement, MEDIFY now becomes MEDS’ authorized agent in Somalia availing MEDS’ medical supplies and technologies in the country.

For more information on MEDIFY SOLUTIONS, please visit it’s website: – www.medifysolutions.org