Solared Clinic

SOLARED CLINIC is an Initiative started by CPD in 2018 in Galmudug State – Central Somalia. The Programme is about solar electrification of key health facilities to meet their full energy needs. CPD being an organization that provides health services, understands the challenges health charity organizations and communities face in dispensing essential healthcare services from facilities that either lack power or have expensive and unreliable power supply- mostly from diesel generators. It is this gap that the Programme aims to address. 

SOLARED CLINIC Programme, which is delivered through partnerships with local solar companies in Somalia, is all about identifying a key health facility, auditing its full energy needs and then setting up a complete solar power system. In Somalia, charity organizations and community groups are the main health services providers owing to the fragility of the country and weak government. Most of the humanitarian agencies managing public health centres don’t invest in the facilities’ energy infrastructure due to their short-term programming.

With the SOLARED CLINIC Programme, we let health agencies and community groups concentrate on their core business of dispensing health services, and we handle the facility’s energy requirement.

In partnership with Solargen Technologies – a renewable energy company in Somalia – CPD delivered its first SOLARED CLINIC in Hobyo District, Galmudug State, Somalia in September 2018 that provides 320Kwts of solar energy fully powering the following (1 freezer 80Kwt, 1 Sterilizer 30Kwt, water pumping system 15Kva, lighting 10Kwts, computer & phone charging, WiFi router and 6 wind fans.

The SOLARED HOBYO CLINIC, a community facility, is now fully operated by a charity organization which provides essential basic health services to the Hobyo people.

In 2020, the delivery of two more SOLARED CLINICS, one in Galkaio South location and the other in Afbarwaqo locations in Galkaio District is underway through CPD’s partnership with SUNMAX SOLUTIONS – a local solar company in Somalia. CPD and SUNMAX have signed a general partnership framework for cooperation in order to scale this initiative to other health facilities in Somalia.