A consortium of CPD and PSA with the support of SSF funding implemented Galkayo joint peace initiatives with the objective of promoting peace in Galkayo town and South Mudug villages, covering north and South Galkayo administered by Puntland and Galmudug States respectively under the Joint Peace building Initiative.

The project intervention helped the Galkayo community and their respective administrations to navigate conflicts through strengthening society’s capacity to manage conflict in a non-violent way. To this end, the project undertook a comprehensive Gendered Conflict Analysis (GCA) in Galkayo District to determine the type of current conflicts between different communities, the underlying issues to the conflict, identify the main conflict drivers and actors and build knowledge on past conflict resolution efforts, establish what has changed and the effects of changing dynamics on the conflict in the District.

This peace project supported Joint Peace Committees in Galkayo town and established a better understanding of conflict management and negotiation skills as it focused on proactive conflict management, mediation and increasing social cohesion. The project also emphasized traditional conflict resolution mechanism as it had been noted that elders still play a very important role in conflict resolution in the absence of a functional effective administration on both sides of Galkayo town.

A session of the Western Mudug Peace Confernce in Bandiiradley

The project as well Supported and empowered marginalized women segments in Galkayo community both in the north and south by creating and strengthening platforms for women to express priority projects that affect their live was a step forward in the right direction to empower women hence the project allocated 30% of the proposed project funding to women in order for them to undertake a project of their own selection which empowers them. Increased women voice in the project also enhanced local discussions and activities on peace and social cohesion in both sides of Galkayo town.

Youth had organized groups and inter-state body that were active in peacebuilding activities in Galkayo town. As a result, they were key actors in the peace initiatives hence the project worked closely with them and incorporated their participation and involvement in the various stages of the project implementations as youth acted as ambassadors of peace and reconciliations in Galkayo.

Youth participations through a consultative process in the project design phase to formulate youth activities on the peacebuilding initiatives created sense of project ownership by youth in Galkayo hence they were actively involved in the project implementation process. The project rehabilitated solar street lights which promoted improved the economy and free movements of goods and services as well as free movements of people at night in both sides of Galkayo town.

The solar lights streets improved peace and security where criminal elements with an aim to harm at night fear exposure in the streets once the installations of the solar street lights were completed. Women and girls who were also vulnerable members of the community become safe to move free at night in the streets.

Since the solar street lights are public facilities on both sides of Galkayo north and south, it promoted unity as opposed to division, conflict and existence of imaginary green line within Galkayo town.

The Project worked with community leaders, elders, youth and business and other community segments to undertook reconciliation process that resulted in an agreement that ended hostilities between Sa’ad and Marehan in Saxo and Lanwaley and also between the Sa’ad and Dir in Towfiq and Afbarwaqo settlements.  

The project also supported women selected priorities of their choice and constructed 2 women peace centers from Galkayo south and north respectively. In terms of basic health service provision for women and larger Galkayo populations, they selected completion of Mother and child section of Galkayo North hospital and rehabilitation of Pediatric section in Galkayo South hospital.

Finally, the communities prioritized peace dividend projects which resulted the construction of Lanwaley Peace center and Afbarwaqo health center.