Food security & livelihoods

Our food security and livelihood projects, as well as dealing with issues regarding production, access and income, help prevent and anticipate future outbreaks of malnutrition.

Our aim is to promote food autonomy among the most vulnerable population groups, thus guaranteeing their food security in the short, medium and long term.

​We adopt an all-round approach in all our activities in order to deal with the underlying and long-term causes of hunger and malnutrition. For this reason, we coordinate food security activities with those that deal with nutrition, water and sanitation and health. The integration of the different technical fields begins with the analysis and continues throughout each project’s periods of execution and evaluation.

Specifically, our food security and livelihood project are designed to: –

  • Promote high-yield and sustainable agriculture technologies.
  • Build resilience to climate change through the promotion of climate-resilient crop varieties and adaptive technologies.
  • Provide technical knowledge on diversified fish culture practices to maximize production.