Through education, we believe that we are investing in the next generation. Our rights-based perspective of education makes us develop innovative learning solutions and provide educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill everyone’s need to learn.

We train teachers and other school personnel to improve the quality of education while linking education programs to interventions in health, nutrition and livelihoods to better address the reasons children don’t attend school. We train teachers on;

  1. Pedagogical skills.
  2. Children-friendly teaching methods.
  3. Inclusive education.
  4. Psychological support and counselling for traumatized children.
  5. Disaster risks reduction.
  6. School management.

We also help communities assess and overcome their unique barriers to learning.

We collaborate with local governments, schools, communities and families to ensure they understand the importance of literacy and how they can play a role in enabling students to achieve their full potential.

Girl child education is core in our program. UNICEF reports have shown that educating girls not only helps them to become financially independent in the future, but also leads to decreases in maternal and infant mortality. Educated mothers are more likely to share good hygiene and health practices with their families and communities, and they are more likely to send their own daughters to school.

We work to influence policy makers to formulate and implement policies that will achieve greater and better participation of girls in education. CPD has developed various gender-responsive interventions and has implemented them in different districts in Somalia to demonstrate what works in promoting gender equity and equality in education