When we first set foot in Hobyo, accessing the town was an uphill task. Roads were impassable due to the build up of sand dunes, the town’s economy was reeling from the effects of years of neglect, conflict and piracy. Local communities had no chance to utilize the sea resources at their disposal.

It was at the height of piracy and no development was welcome by pirate kingpins and other armed groups who made Hobyo and its environs a safe have due to its seclusion.

In 2016, in partnership with the local communities, the Government and the Somalia Stability Fund, we implemented a Community Driven Development (CDD) intervention dubbed the Tabar Wadaag Project in Adado and Hobyo towns of Galmudug State.

This project turned around the economy of Hobyo town of mudug megion – Somalia. It opened up the town, gave residents the chance to transport their fish produce to Mogadishu and the rest of the World and strengthened the local administration.

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