Who we are

Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) is a national non-profit and non-political organization in Somalia that was founded in 2003. As the name suggest, CPD’s original mandate was to solely champion peace, democracy and advance good governance. However, in 2007, the organization expanded its scope to cover humanitarian assistance, poverty reduction through socio-economic development for the communities it serves and supporting the country’s stabilization initiatives.

Reducing extreme poverty in Somalia is a core pillar that defines our existence. Our poverty eradication programs target the ultra poor families (UPF) that are often neglected by the mainstream charities. We deploy comprehensive, time-bound, integrated and sequenced set of interventions that aim to enable the extreme and the ultra poor families (UPF) achieve key milestones towards sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic resilience, in order to progress along a pathway out of extreme poverty. We are a catalyst who challenge the structural causes of the injustice of poverty, and work with partners locally and globally to create opportunities for people living in poverty to realize their full potential.

Building platforms for tolerance, equality and inclusion for the communities we work with, is ingrained in all our Social Development Programs. We are highly sensitive to the particular challenges and needs of the minority and marginalized groups whom we accord special targeting. Our on-ground strategies are built from the context, cultures, knowledge, wisdom, resources, needs, and aspirations of the communities we work with.


    Vision & Mission

    Vision: We envision a poverty-free and sustainably-developed Africa.

    Mission: To facilitate evidence-based and participatory approaches to development for sustainable welfare of African communities.




    Core values
    Efficiency – We deliver timely and most suitable interventions to the needy.
    Integrity – We are accountable to all our stakeholders including the people we serve and partners.
    Equality – We believe and honor the equal value of every human being.
    Innovation – We cherish and support innovations in the promotion of the welfare of the communities we serve.



    Our approach
    We view our interventions from rights-based and sustainability angles.
    Our focus is concentrated on the receiver’s dignity instead of the giver’s pride.
    We approach complex and interwoven social-economic challenges in a human-centered and community-driven way.
    We aim to recognize and value the potential of local resources and traditional wisdom of the communities we work with.
    We don’t say, “our donors”, we say, “our partners”. Because our partners are with us throughout the journey of community development. They don’t donate, but they complement our efforts and the community’s local resources in achieving our shared objectives.